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     Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Sam. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. I always use the internet, but I want to contribute to it, too! After a lot of thinking, I finally decided that I am a near expert on the topic of oil changes and basic vehicle maintenance. If I have anything to share with the world, this is it!
That's Me!  Nice Ride, Huh?

     I took most of the industrial technology/shop classes offered by my high school (some were Wood Working, Metal Working, Graphic Design, Agricultural Mechanics, and Automotive Mechanics). I loved them all, they were what I would do in my free time, so I knew this was the career path for me.
Upon high school graduation, I chose to go to a local college for Automotive Technology. I had to do something during summer until classes started in the fall, so I got a job at a Chevrolet dealership as a Lube Rack Tech. My job was to do oil changes, replace engine air filters, cabin air filters, windshield wiper blades, light bulbs, tires, and any other basic maintenance type work that needed to be done. I did that job for 3 months and I learned so much!

     School started and I moved to the city in which the school is located. I got a job after school and on weekends doing basically the same thing at another Chevrolet dealership. I got the opportunity to work with even more professional mechanics and learn tips and tricks from the old dogs in the shop. I went to school and learned all of the systems and parts of automobiles, and graduated with a technical diploma in Automotive Technology! Even after graduation I continued to work where I was working, increasing my hours and making more money. I worked there for over two years.

     After, I moved back to where my first job was, and got a job as a full-time mechanic. I got a chance to use all of what I learned in school on real cars for real people! I also got a lot more experience with what I was already comfortable with, as well as a chance to work outside of my comfort zone.

     I started to research blogging and decided that it's something I am interested in doing. I want to create something useful for people. I want to help people save money by letting them know how to maintain their own vehicles. If anyone is qualified to talk about vehicle maintenance, it is me, I've been doing it for almost 5 years!

     My aim here is to help people, so if you have any questions at all, please comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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