How Much Oil Does My Ford Take?

When you're getting ready to do an oil change on your car or truck, you're going to need to know how much oil to use.  That's exactly why I made this handy-dandy look-up chart for your Ford!  Just so you know, Ford also makes Mercury and Lincoln.

I collected this information one vehicle at a time.  Each time I did an oil change and I didn't already have the engine listed, I'd look it up and record it so I'd save time the next time.  This table took the longest to collect the information for because I've always worked at Chevrolet dealerships and Fords just didn't seem to come through as often as other makes.  Anyways, I'll quit my rambling.  Have fun with your oil change!

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Engine Size Quarts of Oil

1.6 4.3

2 4.5

2.3 4.5

2.5 5.3

3.0 V6 4.5


3.5 5.5

3.7 5.5

3.9 5

4 5

4.2 6

4.6 6

5 7.7

5.4 7

6.8 7

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  1. Every car owner has their problems with the car. I do see my uncle struggle with his and I can tell you the guy is completely stressed at times. I noted that oil changing is on top of the stressful things he faces. I have a feeling the new tips that I just got will turn out to be of much help to him.

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company


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